Yuan Ji

Professor of Biostatistics
Room W239
Department of Public Health Sciences
The University of Chicago
5841 South Maryland Ave MC 2000 Chicago, IL 60637

Our lab consists of a group of statisticians and informaticians that focus on the development of computational methods and applications in two main areas:

1. Bayesian models for complex, high-throughput, genomics and proteomics data, such as microarrays, reverse phase protein arrays, and next-generation sequencing data. Our recent activities are heavily related to the analysis of TCGA data, network models for data integration, and nonparametric Bayesian modeling for tumor heterogeneity.

2. Bayesian adaptive designs for early-phase clinical trials. We have developed a series of adaptive designs for early phase clinical trials, such as phase I dose-finding trials in oncology. Our recent activities involve the development of seamless early phase trials, subgroup discovery for biomarker trials, etc.